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Indexing requests suspended – Is Google pulling the plug on a praised feature?

Google has removed the option in the Google Search Console for you to submit a fetched page for indexing. Are the days of you telling Google what to do finally over?

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Adding Floating Social Share Buttons To Your Blog Posts With Elementor

A great way to boost engagement is to have people share your content and to get more eyeballs at your beautifully composed content.
A floating social media share bar can help your readers to make the decision of sharing the content they like and drive more readers to your website.

HAGER MEDIA dynamic-copyright-year-number-header-1024x683 Online Marketing & Inbound Blog

How To Add Dynamic Copyright Date & Auto Update Current Year In WordPress Footer

Every new year we see outdated copyright information on websites’ footers. That does not need to be! We show you how to easily add a dynamic year into your footer.

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Hager Media Feature On The Podcast Engineering Show

Our CEO Daniel Hager has been interviewed for the Podcast Engineering Show. On the podcast, daniel talks about the ins and outs of podcast production, shares valuable marketing insights and gives a peak behind the scenes or our own productions.