HAGER.MEDIAOnline Marketing Agencyto drive growth

Our Online marketing agency specializes in crafting the right strategies around your company and to drive growth. 

We happily guide you through our process of Online Strategy, simply ask to connect with us. On request we investigate your website’s SEO-health, your current Online Marketing Strategy, User Targeting, Re-Targeting campaigns or help documenting Success of currently taken online-measures. 

What drives us
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Our motivation to be a top Marketing Agency

We have a motto: no matter how humble your roots, you may still strive for excellence. And that is what we strive for, operating as a small-town agency but working with clients all over the world.
Besides, our goal is to provide high-class services to our customers while priding ourselves to rather help setting trends than chasing them.

Our Marketing Services

Step-by-step we guide you to a successful online marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing

Organic Reach
Content Marketing
Lead Nurturing
Marketing Automation
List Building / Segmentation

Outbound Marketing

Performance Marketing
SEA | Search Ads
Facebook / IG Ads
B2B Targeting
Display / Video Ads


Digital Assets
Lead Discovery
User Tracking
Sales Enablement
Marketing- & Sales Tools
Funnel Optimization

Get to know our team

the HAGER.MEDIA online marketing agency

Our agile team consists of employees and a pool of freelancers alike who all contribute to the success of HAGER.MEDIA.

Following the “new-work” model, we all work location-independent. This concept allows us to draw from a talent pool much greater than our local area; and that’s what our clients deserve.

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Marketing Specialist

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Content Marketing

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UX Design

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Reasons for working with us

We are putting all our marketing knowledge in one basket; yours!

Our goal is to drive your companies’ growth and success!
And as trust plays an essential role in every business process, we aspire to manage client budgets as if it were our own.

The experience your customers are making with your company, or your brand is immensely valuable. To us, the experience you have working with us should align with that idea and we believe it will reflect onto your brand, too.  

We pride ourselves in applying industry-leading knowledge, processes, and tools. To keep this high standard, we constantly educate ourselves in the fields we work in, run tests, and gather data to print our own case studies. 

Our team constantly monitors campaign milestones, documents datasets and progress which is used to feed into optimization loops. This makes our processes agile and custom to your situation.

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