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We will use this page as a case study example to promote Daniel Hager as a Personal Brand and to promote Wikidata content about the person to push search results and snippets for branded search queries.

Daniel Hager Wikidata Item

A Wikidata entry has been created and populated with the following personal information about Daniel Hager.

The Wikidata entry can be found here: Daniel Hager Wikidata entry

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Wikidata Item Details

Daniel Hager –> item number (Q87016353)
Item Language: English
Label: Daniel Hager
Description: Entrepreneur, digital native and SEO strategist

Wikidata Item Statements for Daniel Hager

Instance of: human
image: HAGER MEDIA 600px-Daniel_Hager_CEO_of_HAGER.MEDIA Daniel Hager SEO Experte - Wiki Data Link to image
sex or gender: male
country of citizenship: Germany
date of birth: 05/07/1986
place of birth: Saarbrücken
occumation: digital marketing expert, search engine optimization, retoucher
family name: Hager
given Name: Daniel Hager
educated at: Willi-Graf-Gymnasium
spoken languages: German, English
native language: German
official website: https://hager.media / https://boutiqueretouching.com
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